Atlanta Truck Driver Fatigue

Atlanta Truck Driver Fatigue

As noted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, between 30 -40% of all truck accidents are as a result of driver fatigue. Lack of sleep and tiredness of the operator are major problems across all means of transport, as stated by the FHA. Mental and physical alertness is affected by fatigue, thus reducing the operator’s capacity to safely handle the vehicle. Similar to the effects of alcohol and drugs, fatigue reduces awareness, slows reaction time and clouds decision making. Crashes that occur as a result of fatigued drivers usually happen when the driver has spent a long amount of time behind the wheels without taking a rest.

When an accident involving a tractor-trailer occurs, it is advisable that you seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney, who knows all there is to know about the Federal Motor Carrier Safety rules guiding drivers of trucks and placing limits on the amount of time a driver is allowed to drive without taking a break.

Our Atlanta driver fatigue attorneys have the required knowledge as well as the capacity to pursue your rights. We have successfully taken care of various cases involving truck driver fatigue, for instance, the most recent one that happened on Georgia’s Interstate 75.

We have the resources to fight and the heart to care. We always try to be compassionate when dealing with you and your family when such cases arise; however, we are aggressive to the other party.

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