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Several people can get injured and in some cases, die as a result of bus and van accidents. In order to preserve all proofs of negligence and sort out all liability details, immediate action is required. If you or any member of your family was involved or killed in a crash, call 844-428-4259 or contact the Law office of Haug Law Group P.A. and be rest assured that you will be represented by the best professionals in the business.

The initial results of a bus or van accident is confusion and chaos. Without even knowing, damage might have occurred to the spinal cord or brain and as such, the negligent party should be liable for such damages; we can help you make sure of this. Thorough investigation is done to determine the party at fault, particularly when it is a school bus. If your loved one has just been killed or you are the one lying on a hospital bed as a result of a bus accident, you will definitely want justice served to the negligent party and this where we make ourselves available to help.

Product Defects as a Factor in Bus or Van Accidents

We at the Haug Law Group P.A. – Atlanta are well aware that the bus driver isn’t always at fault when these accidents happen. It could have been caused by Product liability. For instance, there Might have been a tire problem or failed brake or the bus rolled over because it was unstable.

Thorough Investigation in order to ascertain the facts.

We are always quick to reach out to various experts in relevant fields to get a viable knowledge of the situation on ground. This investigation usually incorporates the van or bus check as well as a thorough investigation on the site of accident. We believe that you deserve to know the truth and as such we do all these to ascertain the facts.

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