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When you are involved in a serious car wreck, the aftermath can be devastating. Besides dealing with injuries and property damage, you may be forced to lose time at work, and even lose the ability to live your life free of pain. The car accident attorneys at Haug Law Group represent people in Atlanta, GA that have been injured in a variety of types of motor vehicle accidents in order to ensure they receive the compensation they are legally entitled to.

If you or a family member has been injured in a car accident, you can’t rely on an insurance company to make things right. These companies are in the business of making money, and they don’t maintain their success by paying out every claim they receive. We are here to help you deal with the insurance company and, when necessary, fight for your rights in court. Contact the Atlanta car accident lawyers at Haug Law Group today.

Our firm helps our clients hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions. We will seek the maximum amount of compensation a victim is entitled to under state law, even if the at-fault driver was underinsured or uninsured. We are here to assist victims of drunk driving accidents, distracted driving accidents and more.

We understand the emotional toll an Atlanta car accident can cause. That is why it is our promise to you to assist your family in any way we can. Whether you need help fighting an insurance company or retrieving compensation for past and future medical bills, we will use our experience and knowledge to get you what you deserve. It is our goal to intercede on behalf of any person in Atlanta that has been injured as the result of someone’s negligence or error.

When to Hire an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

There is only one situation in which you may not need to hire a car accident lawyer. If you were cleared of any serious injuries by a doctor, and there wasn’t any significant property damage, you may not need an attorney on your side. Even then, however, it never hurts to at least speak with a car accident lawyer in Atlanta to discuss your case.

At Haug Law Group, our experienced attorneys always offer free, no-obligation consultations. This means you can come to our office or we can meet you wherever is most convenient to simply discuss the details of your case. You don’t owe us anything for this meeting, and you don’t have to hire us afterward. So really, you have nothing to lose by at least speaking with a lawyer!

The Advantage of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

There is no law or regulation that says you can’t represent yourself in court. You can read up on all the prevalent laws and similar cases to build your own defense. But why would you? It’s like reading up on appendectomies, then deciding to remove your own appendix. Sure, you may understand the overall techniques, but there is so much nuance to surgery, especially if something goes wrong.

The same goes for the law. Yes, you may understand that you are owed compensation. But do you know how to persuade a judge and/or jury? When should you raise an objection to the insurance company’s arguments? There is so much nuance in personal injury lawsuits that hiring a qualified Atlanta car accident lawyer is always your best bet — especially since you don’t pay anything unless the lawyer wins your case.

How to Hire the Best Car Accident Lawyer for Your Case

You should consider a few different factors when it comes to hiring the best lawyer for your specific case. First of all, you absolutely want a lawyer who focuses on personal injury and handles a lot of car accident cases. What’s more, the lawyer should have a record of winning cases. To prove that, your lawyer should be able to provide references of clients they have worked with before. Of course, online reviews can also be a good indicator.

Beyond how much they win, though, you want to hire a lawyer whom you get along with. If your case goes to trial, you could be working with your lawyer for months on end. If your lawyer has a personality that clashes with yours, doesn’t communicate in a way that you like, or you just don’t get along with, the next few months may be miserable for you. Finally, make sure your Atlanta car accident lawyer has time for you. If you go to a firm that takes on any and all cases, you may just be another case file.

How Much Does a Car Accident Attorney Cost in Atlanta?

Most Atlanta car accident attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means you don’t have to pay for your lawyer’s services unless they win your case. If they do win, their payment will come directly from the settlement or verdict they win on your behalf. Working on contingency gives your lawyer an incentive to maximize the compensation they win on your behalf.

However, you may be responsible for some court fees and other expenses. Always talk with your Atlanta car accident lawyer about their payment structure, and about other expenses that may arise in the case. In some cases, you may be asked to pay for these expenses as they arise, but in other instances, the total of these costs will be deducted from the compensation they win for you.


When you are involved in a car accident, the financial difficulties you immediately face can be devastating. From replacing lost property to paying for medical bills, you don’t have time to wait for insurance to come through. We understand the financial strain of an automobile collision, and that is why your initial consultation with our lawyers will be held at no cost to you or your family. You are already experiencing difficulty, you shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for advice and guidance.

At the law offices of Haug Law Group, our accident attorneys get paid when you get paid. Working on a contingency basis allows us to help car accident victims when they need it most. If you or a family member has been hurt in a car accident, reach out to our team. Everything you discuss with our car accident lawyers is confidential.

When you call us, we will review the details of your case and explain how we may move forward with your case. While we hope you hire our firm to represent you, we invite you to talk to multiple accident attorneys to find the best fit for you and your family. There is no obligation to hire our automobile accident lawyer after your free initial consultation.


Whether your Atlanta car accident was the result of a drunk or distracted driver, rush hour traffic or a vehicle malfunction, you need an experienced car accident attorney on your side. An insurance provider does not have your best interests in mind; never accept an initial settlement offer without first speaking to a qualified and competent car accident lawyer.

Even if you aren’t dealing with medical issues today, you never know what tomorrow can bring. Once you accept a settlement, your car accident case is over. If you begin to experience symptoms weeks or months from now, you want to know that your medical bills and lost wages will be covered. If you accept a settlement now, it may be too late to seek compensation in the future.

Call Haug Law Group now for a free case evaluation (844) 428-4529 or complete our online contact form, and a member of our team will be in touch. You deserve aggressive representation from an attorney who will treat you fairly and with respect. Reach out to our team today.


It’s easy to access a copy of the police report documenting your car accident in Atlanta. You can arrange to get this document at a precinct, or in many cases they are available online. If you are interested in obtaining the police report to investigate your legal options after the accident, contact us today.We can get you that police report along with a free consultation to discuss your injuries, your potential case, and what path forward you might like to take. One of the most overwhelming moments of a personal injury or car accident lawsuit is in the very beginning.Having a solid plan from the start can help you pursue the legal options for getting a settlement that will have the best impact on your life and your individual situation. If you have any further questions, please give us a call at 1-844-428-4529. That is 844-HAUG LAW. We look forward to speaking with you.


When a car accident happens in Atlanta, the most important first step is to make sure that everyone is okay. If anyone involved needs medical attention, call 911 and attend to the first aid needs of the injured person.

If no one is hurt, it’s important to call the authorities and have an officer come and investigate the scene as an independent, objective witness to determine liability. You’ll also need to exchange personal information with the other drivers involved and contact your insurance company so that a claim will be opened.

Once your claim is opened, the next important step to contact an attorney to evaluate your scenario. It’s possible you’ll be in a position that you’ll be pursuing a lawsuit. It’s also possible that you’ll need to protect yourself from a potential lawsuit.

If you have any further questions, please give us a call at 1-844-428-4529. That is 844-HAUG LAW. We look forward to speaking with you.


I was represented by Haug Law Group after a car accident, and I could not have been happier with my experience with them. Colin Barron and James Haug were wonderful to work with every step of the way. As I have no experience or much understanding of the legal system, it was important that I work with a group that could explain everything to me. Colin and James were always there to answer my many questions and to explain everything to me in detail along the way. They were extremely prompt in answering emails and returning voicemails. Both Colin and James are very passionate about their careers and helping their clients. They were always welcoming and truly did treat me like family. I am giving this group 5 stars for all of these reasons and would, without a doubt, use them again!
By: Hannah Kennedy


At Haug Law Group, attorney James Haug is experienced in representing victims who suffer from serious injuries as a result of serious motor collisions. People often suffer from painful injuries in a severe traffic collision. Sometimes these injuries can occur disability from working which can significantly affect someone’s lifestyle and other responsibilities.

The team at Haug Law Group truly understands the financial strain from medical bills and other expenses that can occur when someone is simply trying to recuperate from an accident. If you’ve been in an accident, our legal experts will advise you of your rights in a legal claim.

It’s important that injured drivers involved in an auto accident do not compromise their claim for compensation for any reason. Note that insurance adjusters work to protect their employer and want to pay individuals the least amount possible. In a crisis like this, the last thing you need is your insurance provider trying to pick holes in your claim and look for any and every reason to deny you the compensation you deserve.

When you choose to approach an adjuster with your claim, allow us to guide you through the process and properly represent you to strengthen your case and ensure the compensation you deserve. 

We understand the seriousness of traffic-related injuries. And we’re experienced in the area of holding accountable those parties whose negligence and misconduct resulted in you suffering damages and unnecessary pain. Depending on the type of accident, the results could very well lead to a permanent disability. Cases involving traffic accidents relating to drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians that we’re familiar with trying include:
  • Bodily Injury
  • Brain Damage
  • Burn Damage
  • Paralysis
  • Amputation
  • Herniated Disk
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Concussions
  • Whiplash
If you’ve been involved or someone you know was involved in an accident, you have the legal right to pursue financial restitution. Whether it’s a private party or public entity that you’re looking to hold accountable, doing so in a timely manner to adhere to statute of limitation requirements is very important. Additionally, just the same as having quality insurance, being in the care of a highly skilled legal representation that knows how to fight for you to the end is crucial. With our law firm specializing in traffic accidents cases, you should feel comfortable coming to us and knowing you’re in the proper hands. From beginning to end, we’ll take the fullest amount of legal action allowed under the law to help you recover the appropriate funds you deserve. With many factors and complexities of various types of traffic accidents, there’s never a guarantee of how much you might receive in compensation. But one aspect remains certain. According to studies, the amount of money awarded to a victim that’s represented by a car accident lawyer is usually tripled. We encourage you to put your trust in our expertise and allow us to stand by you. Types of damages that you’re able to receive might include:
  • Medical bills
  • Vehicle damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of wages
  • Impaired earning ability
  • Loss of consortium
  • Costs of funeral expenses
  • Exemplary damages


In Georgia, it is important to have a basic understanding of automobile liability coverage.  Automobile accidents, although rare in a driver’s lifetime, do happen and are something we must all deal with accordingly.  Taking a proactive approach to understanding the necessary material within Georgia automobile insurance is beneficial for all Georgia motorists.

In the typical automobile liability policy issued in Georgia, the insurer (e.g. State Farm, Allstate, etc.) agrees to pay on behalf of the insured driver all sums which the insured shall become legally obligated to pay as damages because of bodily injury, sickness or disease, including death resulting therefrom and because of injury to or destruction of property, including loss of use thereof arising out of the ownership, maintenance or use of the owned automobile or any non-owned automobile.  GA Automobile Insurance Law § 10:1 (2014-2015 ed.).  Read More >>